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Passionate about digital advertising and the internet in general, Juan Liriano brings an application of critical thinking and strategy to any topic. The digital advertising space can be a slippery slope of information overload, he brings the LDA community a curated approach.
11 09, 2019

Google Ads Seasonal Adjustments Features

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 Episode Highlights Automated bidding algos generally adapt to seasons on their own, but this takes time. If seasonal shifts are sharp, you may want to leverage this feature to account for the shifts Transcript Rick: All right, good. Next up we have Google Ads. It's a setting within Google Ads for seasonality. So a [...]

11 09, 2019

Bing Ads Launches Negative Keyword Conflicts Report

2019-09-11T15:29:18-04:00By |Categories: Internet Marketing News|Tags: , |

 Episode Highlights Lots of us use negative keywords to block queries Bing offers a report now to help highlight possible conflicts Available for shopping campaigns What it does Provides a list of SKUs blocked by negative terms Shows which negative keyword blocked which SKU Comments: I have no idea how to make this useful... [...]

23 08, 2019

AMP-Script Available Add Custom JS To Your Amp Pages

2019-09-11T14:31:02-04:00By |Categories: Internet Marketing News|Tags: |

Episode Highlights Benefits are being able to: 1) apply functions which you couldn’t previously do in AMP 2) share code across amp and non-amp content for efficiency. Restrictions Content jumping: To avoid unexpected content jumping, <amp-script> generally requires user gestures to change page content. Page load: Since <amp-script> doesn’t change page content without user interaction, [...]

23 08, 2019

Google Ads Now Standard Delivery for All Search + Shopping Campaigns

2019-08-23T12:45:31-04:00By |Categories: Internet Marketing News|Tags: , |

Episode Highlights Affects and all search  + shopping campaigns will no longer have the ability for accelerated delivery Why? They think ads will perform better, particularly early in the day where the competition was high cause of accelerated delivery Beginning September 17th Not video and display yet Transcript Juan: Looks like we've got coming [...]

23 08, 2019

Google Ads New Bidding Strategy Max Conversion Value

2019-08-23T12:46:07-04:00By |Categories: Internet Marketing News|Tags: , , |

Episode Highlights Via Search Engine Land The strategy uses your daily budget as a guide and returns as much in conversion value as possible. You can set a ROAS goal in combination Available for search campaigns now Shopping “smart shopping” is sort of doing this already You’ll need to pass a conversion back (e-commerce or [...]

23 08, 2019

Google Ads Adding Filters to Dashboard

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Episode Highlights New filters being offered Device Campaign Campaign type Campaign status Ad group Ad group status Transcript Rick: All right. Next also with Google Ads. Since Google Ads switched to the new interface, they have this dashboard. I think many of us in the industry just think gets an extra page to browse through [...]

23 08, 2019

Facebook Announcing “Off Facebook Activity” Reporting & Management

2019-08-23T12:47:19-04:00By |Categories: Internet Marketing News|Tags: , , |

Episode Highlights Starting in Ireland, S. Korea, and Spain. Rolling out everywhere else soon. See a summary of the information apps and websites have sent to Facebook using Facebook Pixel or Facebook login. Ability to disconnect this information and future information from your account if you want to. You can do this for all of [...]

23 08, 2019

Google Chrome Announces Privacy Sandbox

2019-08-23T12:48:03-04:00By |Categories: Internet Marketing News|Tags: , , |

 Episode Highlights Part attack on Firefox’s broad cookie blocking tech Part future-proofing user tracking to keep the web world spinning A new set of standards which they are trying to convince the web to follow to both ensure privacy and protect commerce and thus, the free web. Large scale cookie blocking makes the web [...]

19 08, 2019

Internet Marketing News – FB New Ad Units, GSC Updates, Voice Assistants Are Future of Search

2019-08-19T17:47:09-04:00By |Categories: Internet Marketing News|Tags: , , |

    Welcome back to the show today we got four stories that are pretty exciting for the marketing world. First, let's begin with Facebook's new ad units! Topic: Facebook New Ad Units Movie Reminder Ads & Movie Showtime Ads So it looks like they're adding 2 new ad units that are movie related. The [...]

16 08, 2019

Internet Marketing News – Google Analytics App+Web, GDS Updates, Google Indexing Explained

2019-08-16T13:29:33-04:00By |Categories: Internet Marketing News|Tags: , , |

Welcome to the show! A friendly reminder to help support us if you like the news content the way we bring it to you please give us a like and subscribe, also any comments let us know how we can make it better. Moving right along we’ve got a couple of news updates starting with [...]

5 07, 2019

Internet Marketing News – Google Ads Includes Images, Amazon In-Store, FB Targeting Updates

2019-08-16T14:54:25-04:00By |Categories: Internet Marketing News|Tags: , , , |

Highlights: Google Ads - Google Images now part of Search Network Previously, Google images were considered ‘search partners’. Now, you advertise on Images as a default. If you are opted-in to the search partners, that traffic will decrease. Expect a lift in traffic from this change. Amazon Launches New Service Called “Counter” Offers In-Store Pickup [...]

27 06, 2019

Internet Marketing News – Google Ads & Local Updates, GSC Changes, No More Google Hangouts on Air

2019-08-16T14:16:31-04:00By |Categories: Internet Marketing News|Tags: , , |

Digital Marketing News Highlights Google Ads & Local Campaigns Updates Shoppers are always looking for deals not just during shopping seasons and upcoming Googles updates are focused on that Seasonality adjustments will signal any smart bidding such as enhanced CPC, CPA More in-market audiences for search (people who are ready to buy) total of about [...]

20 06, 2019

Digital Marketing News – FB Announces Libra, Pinterest Partner Program, & YT Timestamps

2019-08-10T13:40:38-04:00By |Categories: Internet Marketing News|Tags: , , |

 Topic: Facebook Announces Libra We got three pretty exciting topics to cover today! First up is Facebook and their announcement of the launch of Calibra. So it’s basically a digital currency wallet that is going to work in correlation with the Libra network which is Facebooks cryptocurrency project. It’s going to integrate with the [...]