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Rick Maggio brings over 15 years of tactical, hands-on experience managing digital advertising campaigns both small and large. Rick has worked in agency-land and on large in-house marketing teams and loves sharing his extensive experience with the LDA community.
7 04, 2020

Why Popup Windows Are Still My Favorite Email List Building Tool in 2020

2020-04-07T11:29:13-04:00By |Categories: Email Marketing|Tags: , |

I can remember reading that "popups are dead" as a marketing tool since before 2010. Ever since browsers like Internet Explorer (this used to be a browser in the old days, maybe still is, who knows) began blocking popups, the popular thing to say in the marketing world was that popups are bad for user [...]

27 03, 2020

What is a Metric in Google Analytics?

2020-03-27T11:09:30-04:00By |Categories: Web Analytics|

A very fundamental thing to understand with Google Analytics and data in general is understanding the roles and differences of metrics and dimensions. In today's quick lesson, we're going to highlight the definition of Google Analytics metrics so that you understand what a metric is and how it data is organized. In case you're unclear, [...]

19 03, 2020

Marketing Ideas with Coronavirus In Mind

2020-03-27T14:07:24-04:00By |Categories: Uncategorized|

Updated 3/27/2020 Coronavirus (or COVID-19) is and will continue to cause disruptions in our personal and professional lives for some time to come. How long and to what extent, only time will tell. So at LDA, we're assuming this is a long term disruption and figured it might be helpful to aggregate ideas and [...]

22 10, 2019

Tutorial: Setting Up Google Lead Form Extensions

2019-11-14T08:29:06-05:00By |Categories: Paid Search, Search Engine Marketing|Tags: , , , |

Today, we're starting to see a new BETA ad extension from Google called Lead Forms. Lead Forms are basically a new type of extension where the end user is able to complete a form from within the Google SERPs for your business. We think that this new ad unit can be great for businesses interested [...]

16 10, 2019

New Video Reporting in Google Search Console

2019-10-16T09:07:27-04:00By |Categories: Internet Marketing News|Tags: |

Google recently rolled-out a few new reports in Google Search Console which focus on video in the SERPs (both standard and video) but also in video reach within Google's Discovery service. Here's what the panel thinks:   Number 1: Better visibility of video and structured data interpretation by Google via     Number 2: Increased [...]

16 10, 2019

Facebook Ads Now Offers ‘Click to Message’ Call to Action for Story Ads

2019-10-16T09:05:12-04:00By |Categories: Internet Marketing News|Tags: |

Facebook recently released a new call to action for Story Ads, Click to Message. Here's what our panel thinks: Users will be able to swipe up to send a message User does NOT need to leave app (facebook, messenger, IG, etc.) to do this Possibility for a really high volume of messages for high spend advertisers Looking [...]

2 10, 2019

How to Use Google Data Studio Optional Metrics

2019-10-02T10:27:18-04:00By |Categories: Web Analytics|Tags: , |

Let's look at Google Data Studio's Optional Metrics feature. This is a feature which you can add to almost any chart to allow the user to add/remove/change the metrics in the chart. Why Use Optional Metrics? Keep dashboards looking clean while still offering the ability to analyze tons of data! Allow more interaction in your reports. Include [...]

18 09, 2019

What is a Dimension in Google Analytics?

2020-03-27T11:10:51-04:00By |Categories: Web Analytics|Tags: , , |

Here's a common question we get all the time- What exactly is a dimension when referring to Google Analytics? And thus, today's short lesson on dimensions. But first, here's why you need to know this- Custom Reporting. That's it! Google allows you to create custom reports (in Google Analytics or using tools like Google Data [...]

16 09, 2019

3 Ways to Analyze Landing Pages Using Google Analytics [VIDEO]

2019-09-17T07:11:27-04:00By |Categories: Web Analytics|Tags: , |

Today, let's look at landing page analysis using Google Analytics. To begin, Google Analytics is a great tool for analyzing landing pages. The problem we see is that many beginner analysts use the data completely wrong. Here's the most important concept: Landing pages cannot be analyzed without fully accounting for the traffic source which driving [...]

11 09, 2019

2 Ways to Analyze Mobile Traffic in Google Analytics

2019-09-12T08:11:09-04:00By |Categories: Web Analytics|Tags: , , |

Let's jump right in to the two best ways to analyze and compare mobile website traffic in Google Analytics. For this, we're going to focus on the follow approaches. Simple device reports Google Analytics Segments Mobile Device Reports in Google Analytics The most basic and simple approach, we're going to analyze mobile website behavior using [...]

11 09, 2019

Google Analytics Segmentation Tutorial

2019-09-11T16:16:06-04:00By |Categories: Web Analytics|Tags: , , |

Greetings class! Let's up your Internet marketing game with this fresh Google Analytics segmentation how to guide. What is Segmentation? In Google Analytics, segments are subsets of data which you can create to compare onsite behavior. In other words, you can create subsets of traffic (samples below) and then compare segment behavior for all the [...]