After 15+ years in the digital advertising space, we’ve used (and still use!) them all. Here are our favorite email marketing platforms, each good for different things!

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Constant Contact


Overall Rating
Overview Hands-down the best general use email marketing platform. Tons of features, free to start, and plenty of room to grow. Very simple, limited features, and thus, perfect for the small “no hassle” business owner who wants something to get the job done! If email is the core of your business, this more expensive but insanely robust platform is for you.
Pricing Free (up to 2k subscribers) then starts at $10/month. Free 60-day trial and then $20/month. Free for 30 days, starts at $20/month for 500 subscribers.
Our Likes Free to start, easy to use but also includes advanced list management, e-commerce integration, and much more. Grow with it! Easy to use, deliverability is better than most. Features, features, and more features.
Our Dislikes None at all Limited automation features, pretty basic. Nothing yet
Easy Website Integration
Pre-Built Templates
Drip Campaigns
List Management Tools
E-Commerce Integration
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Choosing the Perfect Email Marketing Software

Not all email marketing software is created equal. And there is no “best” solution, only the “best” for YOUR business. Here are the questions to consider.

  • List Size: How big is your list and how big can it get? Make sure you choose a product which scales to you.

  • Send Frequency: How often will you send emails?

  • Creative Talent: Do you have access to a designer or will you rely on your email marketing software to make design easy?

  • E-Commerce Needs: If you operate an ecommerce website, will you want to incorporate buyer history into email lists? For example, would you like to recommend past purchases to each recipient?

  • Ease of Use: Let’s face it! If you’re a DIYer and are going to press the buttons yourself, choosing the simplest solution is more important than shopping for advanced features.

  • Deliverability: Some email marketing companies take deliverability seriously. Just cause you send 10k emails, doesn’t mean they all go in the inbox!

  • List Management: When you’re email list gets to > 10,000, it’s time to start scrubbing that list. Stop sending to low quality subscribers to keep your reputation with the ESPs (email service providers) top notch.

  • Surveys:¬†Every once in a while, you’re boss will come to you and want you to send an email survey to past customers. Some of email services provide this, some do not.

  • Website Integration: Many email marketing companies provide easy cut and paste code to allow you to give website visitors a change to sign-up for your list.

  • Support:¬†What happens when you get stuck and can’t figure something out? Pay attention to support options with each email marketing company.