ReportGarden is an agency-grade dashboard tool which replaces some of the need for Google Data Studio. In addition to many of the dashboarding features which we review on this site, ReportGarden has an added layer of white labeling, client access options, multiple client reporting, etc. features which make it a good fit for freelancers and agencies who seek a strong reporting solution without the need for Google Data Studio.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about ReportGarden if you’re considering this service to provide an alternative solution to using Google Data Studio.

Dashboard Software Overview

  • Data Studio Alternative? Yes, but focused on ad management reporting
  • Data Sources Offered: 8+
  • Dashboard Strength: Agency-level Ad Dashboarding
  • Customer Support: Excellent, ticket system
  • Website:
  • Pricing: $149/month+

ReportGarden Connects to these Data Sources

Data SourceData Source Information

Adobe Analytics
Industry leading analytics with connections to multiple platforms.@klipfolio, @databox,

Used by advertisers and agencies alike to manage digital ads and ad campaigns.@dashthis

Gather data from all of Amazons advertising products.@klipfolio, @improvado

Used for re-targeting and prospecting cross-platform.@improvado

Bing Ads
Search engine and display advertising network.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado, @reportgarden, @dashthis,

Constant Contact
Email marketing platform used by marketers and business alike.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado


Re-targeting advertising platform.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado

Facebook Ads
Reach targeted audiences worldwide.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado, @reportgarden, @dashthis, @reportz

Facebook Audience Insights
Data insights into Facebook audiences.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado

Google My Business
Local performance metrics using GMB.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado, @reportz

Google Ads
One of the largest search and display advertising platforms available.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado, @reportgarden, @dashthis,
Google AdsenseInsights into Adsense and campaign performance.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado

Google Analytics
Manage all of you performance in one place cross-platform.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado, @reportgarden, @reportz

Google Search Console
Insights into organic website performance.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado, @reportgarden, @reportz

Instagram Insights
Facebook's extremely popular picture based application.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado, @reportgarden, @dashthis,

LinkedIn Ads
Advertise to directly to industry professionals.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado, @reportgarden, @reportz

Email marketing platform for targeted campaigns.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado, @dashthis,

Increase your reach and engagement using your Pinterest data.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado

Reach millions of people who are looking for answers about everything.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado

Also known as the "front page of the web".@klipfolio, @databox,

Merchants and publishers data on performance of affiliate programs.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado
SEMRushOne of the most used tools for SEM and SEO analysis.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado, @dashthis, @reportz

Very popular picture based web application.@klipfolio, @databox,
VimeoVideo engagement and performance metrics.@klipfolio, @databox,
WalmartE-commerce giant, get data from all Walmart sources.@klipfolio, @databox, 

Social network for news and short messages.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado, @reportgarden,

Video engagement and performance metrics.@klipfolio, @databox, @improvado

ReportGarden Features & Overview

ReportGarden is a little different from some of the other GDS alternatives which we cover on this website in that the main focus of the dashboard is reporting on paid advertising data source reporting. Here are some of the main connections which are provided by ReportGarden.

  • Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Google Ads Dashboarding
  • Facebook Ads Dashboarding
  • Bing Ads Dashboard
  • Twitter Reporting

Final Thoughts

ReportGarden has a variety of dashboarding features, but is the most limited dashboarding tool in that 1) the number of connections is very limited and 2) it’s really made for agencies. For businesses interested in a Google Data Studio alternative, you might want to look elsewhere unless you’re a franchise or multi-unit business structure.